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Update RadControls

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  1. Richard Baugh
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    22 Aug 2012
    26 Apr 2007
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    I read a thread in the Sitefinity3.0 RC forum about using the assembly redirection of Microsoft.Net to allow us to upgrade the RadControls to the later versions. Although I follow this approach, my concern is when you restructure the new controls and Sitefinity is programmed to work with the older syntax. An example would be the RadWindow. If I were to use the assembly redirection to upgrade the RadWindow, Sitefinity would then have problems as the RadWindow is used throughout the application. How would we be able to upgrade the controls that Sitefinity uses without destroying Sitefinity?

    I understand that we are all moving forward with Sitefinity, but we have many sites that are still using the older version of Sitefinity. While it would be nice to upgrade them all to the latest and greatest, it is not an easy task when you have custom controls built in an older version. We have had to upgrade many controls on older sites because of bugs/limitations we have found in older RadControls. But there have been times that we have not been able to upgrade a control because of the dependence of Sitefinity itself. I hope you can find the time to give some guidance on your older versions as we are all eagerly awaiting the latest and greatest.
  2. Vlad
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    19 Jun 2017
    27 Apr 2007
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    Hi Richard Baugh,

    We are not sure yet how the upgrading RadControls will be made. We have some ideas, but we need further research to clarify the realization. We will give a guidance as soon as we are ready with the implementation.

    the telerik team

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  3. bnye
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    22 Sep 2005
    24 May 2007
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    While your waiting for the official answer. Notice this inertesting section in the web.config

            <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">  
                <probing privatePath="bin;sitefinity\admin\bin"/>  

    Please let me know what you learn.
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3 posts, 0 answered