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HierarchicalTaxonFieldDefinitionElement: null reference exception

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  1. jocelyn payneau
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    07 Dec 2009
    17 Feb 2011
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    I create a new taxonomy in the module installation and I want to display its content using a HierarchicalTaxonFieldDefinitionElement.

    Here is the code i'm using:
    var taxonomyManager = TaxonomyManager.GetManager();
                var marketsField = new HierarchicalTaxonFieldDefinitionElement(mainSection.Fields)
                    ID = "marketsFieldControl",
                    DisplayMode = displayMode,
                    Title = Res.Get<ContactsResources>().SelectMarkets,
                    ResourceClassId = typeof(ContactsResources).Name,
                    TaxonomyId = new Guid("9A7FF96D-1D99-4fd9-ADB8-714E1A0F3272"),
                    TaxonomyProvider = taxonomyManager.Provider.Name,
                    WebServiceUrl = "~/Sitefinity/Services/Taxonomies/HierarchicalTaxon.svc",
                    AllowMultipleSelection = true,
                    FieldType = typeof(HierarchicalTaxonField),
                    WrapperTag = HtmlTextWriterTag.Li
                marketsField.ValidatorConfig = new ValidatorDefinitionElement(marketsField)
                    Required = true,
                    MessageCssClass = "sfError",
                    RequiredViolationMessage = Res.Get<ContactsResources>().YouMustSelectAMarket

    I got a null reference exception on the last line (mainSection.Fields.Add(marketsField)). marketsField is not null.
    I don't know what it happens.

    Do you have any idea?

    I solve it, i forgot to declare some attributes...

    But i have a problem with my resources class. I got an error "cannot find key "select one or many market" or resources class id ContactsResources". But my key is SelectMarkets.

1 posts, 0 answered