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Creating Image Library from image widget when using custom provider and permissions.

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  1. Stacey
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    18 Oct 2012
    05 Mar 2013
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    I submitted this on PITS, but wanted to drop this suggestion if it has not previously been brought up.


    I have created a new provider to use for libraries.  I am preventing roles from being able to upload documents, images, videos to the default provider and instead giving them access to the newly created provider.

    In the default provider I have "Create Image Library" set to "Authors, Designers, Editors". 

    In the custom provider I have "Create Image Library" set to the custom role that was created.

    1.) Drop an image widget onto a page.
    2.) Select the custom data source provider in the widget designer
    3.) Select the file to be uploaded

    4.) You are now presented with the option to select what library, but you are not able to create a new library from this screen.  The only way to get this option on this screen is to enable "Create Image Library" from the default provider.  The only way to create a new library is to navigate to the image module, select your provider and then create the library.  

    Since a user is already selecting their provider when uploading an image I would like to request that the permissions granted to "Create Image Library" for a custom provider are honored and not defaulted to the built in provider.
  2. Abigail
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    26 Sep 2013
    20 Mar 2014
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    Hi there

    Thanks for your post.Your steps for creating image library is a little bit complicated for me.Because i am  a beginner in image area.So i want to know that if there is a powerful image program which supports to create image library directly.That may be more convenient for me.Thanks for any suggestions.

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